e shtunë, 20 prill 2013

Mourinho: Klopp is talking a lot, I speak on Tuesday

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho began his psychological games before the semi against Dortmund, ridicule after his counterpart Jurgen Klopp, who says he speaks.
Klopp is superior to Mourinho statistics of the matches in the group stage and it was the German coach said he knows the game of Real Madrid and has even threatened to elinimin Real Madrid.

"I've talked a bit about Dortmund and it is enough. Since the day of the lottery, Klopp about every day. "

"I will speak to Dortmund on Tuesday. We have worked for the match in the last two weeks, "said Mourinho.

Klopp had said long ago that Mourinho left the stadium on match Greuther Furth-Dortmund earlier than needed, because he has not seen the downside. Even Mourinho has offered help in case you wish to know more when Goetze plays on the wing.

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