e shtunë, 20 prill 2013

Real Madrid as the Albanian budget, costing 3.3 billion USD

With an approximate value of the Albanian state budget in a year, Real Madrid is the club with the highest in the world, announced the "Forbes", a magazine specializing in economic studies, on Thursday.

In the rankings published by the magazine, the Spanish giants were placed on top of the list, which takes into account the value of the assets, marketing, players, the club owned property, capital, liabilities, TV rights, benefits from positions in the cup championships Europe and other financial data.

In total, the total value was estimated at Real 3.3 billion dollars, 3.8 billion slightly inferior to that of the Albanian state budget accounted for the current year. Positioned in second place Manchester United, followed by Barcelona, respectively 3.1 billion and 2.6 billion. Then come to Arsenal and Bayern from 1.3 billion.

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