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Semifinals of Champions: German-Spanish confront

Bayern Munich and Barcelona will discuss their semifinal of the Champions League to reach the final of a major competition for clubs in Europe, while Real Madrid recovers Borusian of Dortmund in this round, to which also played twice in the group stage. Thus, lots of jumping noon Nion premes in Switzerland has avoided confrontation "within the fence" between Germans and Spaniards, but has built the rest of it as a Champions-German-Spanish duel. Even finality, therefore, will be.
Four giants of the continent, Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, Real Madrid and Barcelona are the team that won the Champions League the past, while the balance of competitions in the past could have been a reference point in order to avoid a certain rival or wanted someone else. Real Madrid and Bayern are facing teams that are more in the Champions League semi's, what is avoided in this edition, but statistics Spaniards gave the right to want to avoid Hejnkesit team. And I have achieved this in the semifinals. On the other hand, the Bavarians have equal balance with Barca, but have succeeded only in eliminating duel with Dortmund. Here are the statistics between competitions in the semifinals ...
MADRILENA Dortmund Real Madrid are challenged in only one case in the Champions League qualifying stage and has been in the semifinals of season 1997/98. Spaniards are exactly who won "ticket" to the final after a goalless tied in the transfer and won 2-0 in their field.Bayern Munich, Barcelona Germans have no memories to katalanasve. In the 2009 quarterfinals, first Bavarians have eliminated themselves as tied 1-1 in their field, but were defeated 4-0 at "Camp Nou", the year when the Spaniards won the competition. Bayern Munich - Dortmund Just a showdown in the Champions League qualifying stage, and it's exactly the quarterfinals in 1998. Dortmund managed to continue the adventure in Europe, having won at home 1-0, while the transfer was equal 0-0.
Real-time 24-t, Barca record in semisReal Madrid is the club that has reached more time to provide the semifinals of the Champions League is 24. Meanwhile, have managed to pass this round in 12 cases and raise the championship trophy full nine times. However, the record is placed Barcelona, ​​which for the sixth consecutive year to reach the semifinals of the Champions qualifies's. For Catalans, it is time rt-14, with seven finals and four triumphs. Meanwhile, Bayern Munich club is the highest qualification in the semi finals. For the Bavarians, this is the 14th time, while in the past have been nine times in the last match of the competition, lifting the trophy four times. Dortmund balances is more modest, but it has managed to triumph in this competition in the past. For Borusian, this is the third among the four best teams of the Champions League.
Bets, Spain "may" GermanyQuoted companies are betting rivalry between states Spain and Germany, or rather their representatives in the Champions League semifinals. Iberian country is viewed as the most favored team to donate champion's Champions. Spain is quoted that a 1.5 coefficient of its teams (Madrid or Barcelona) will raise the trophy this year, while the coefficient is 2.5 wins a German club, Bayern Munich or Borussia Dortmund's.

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