e shtunë, 20 prill 2013

Champions, at semi-final,best goalscorer clubs

1.Real Madrid - 2.5 goals for meeting,averaging one touchdown suffer for match.

2.Borussia Dortmund - 2.48 goals for meeting ,get punished by 1.2 goal in a match.

3.Barcelona - 98 goals in 31 showdown, with an average of 3:16 full of goals

4.Bayern Munchen - 2.86.Strongest weapon is the protection of the Germans, after the ball out from their gates only 13 times in 29 meetings, or rather goals per game 0.44

There are not the only teams that have donated more emotion and that rival for the title in the respective championships, but also those who have had less mercy to rivals. The dominance of Barcelona and Real Madrid in Spain and Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund in Germany to the rest of the team was evident.

But what has made ​​the most spectacular victories, has been given the amount of goals. Teams that have not had problems with the door and extraordinary average.

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