e premte, 19 prill 2013

Juve-Milan, Bonucci seeking "revenge"

Leonardo Bonucci of Juventus target sets supërpërballjen in Milan, which is more than the champion title insurance. For mbrojtësinbardhezi is time to reverse the 1-0 defeat kuqezinjëve for the first phase of the "San Siro".

"We will face strong inclination opponent is going through a very good shape and this shows the results achieved during 2013. This performance and loss in the first recharge us more to throw another confident step towards the title" said defender black and white.

For Bonucci, time has not yet come to make balance of the season, after previously have mathematically secured the champion title.

"I prefer to talk about the season that has developed Juventus at the end of the championship, after tiullin provide mathematically champion. Only in this way will we be sure that we achieve the goal," said Bonucci.

Viterbo 25-year-old also spoke about the elimination of Juventus in the Italian Cup and the Champions' League Champions served us more experience, while the Italian Cup were unlucky. Anyway we are Juventus, which means that jemki always bound to win. "

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